Are you asking the right questions about your church service?
Are you asking the right questions about your church service? (Flickr)

After every weekend experience, I find myself asking two questions:

  1. Where did I leave my keys?
  2. Did we get it right?

Disregard No. 1 unless you've discovered a way to shock me every time I put my keys down in illogical places. Let's focus on No. 2.

How do we know if we got it right?

A few weeks ago, I read three questions from Julie Arnold, a service programmer from North Point Ministries outside Atlanta, that changed the way I think about our experiences. I've noticed if I can answer these questions positively, I can mark our weekend a success.

Was it fun?

Are your guests laughing? Are they coming in your doors with giddy expectation? This doesn't mean pressuring yourself to trump the previous week. It means knowing what sets people at ease, what breaks down walls. Laughter creates engagement. Engagement means they're listening.

Was it excellent?

"The competition isn't other churches. The competition is anywhere else your guests could be." In my experience, people want genuine, thoughtful content—not more smoke and mirrors. That's what Bravo is for.

Was it helpful?

Are we communicating to sale a gimmick or invite life change? Do they leave equipped to take next steps?

Maybe the question isn't, "Did we get it right?"

Maybe the question is, "Did they get it?"

We're creating platforms to communicate Jesus. Are our environments inviting people to listen?

Callie Holland serves on staff at Sevier Heights Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee, as a copywriter, content creator, and social media manager. She also produces Sunday services at their North Campus and works with a team to plan all promotion and production for church-wide events.

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