The third aspect of relationship-building is correspondence—these days, that may be texts, emails, social media or e-cards that can cover any occasion. (Pixabay)

The third step of the hunters strategy is to "pursue," that is, to begin a focused process of engagement with the dropout believer—but only after the Lord has affirmed to us His desire for our pursuit of this particular individual.

The last two weeks we introduced three elements of this process: 

1. Conversations

2. Visits

3. Correspondence (emails, text, social media, cards)

This time, let's consider correspondence. The third aspect of relationship-building is correspondence. These days, that may be texts, emails, social media or e-cards that can cover any occasion. For some of us old-timers, it may be letters or cards. Cards may be used to remember birthdays, anniversaries and so on. Email, text and social media may also be used as appropriate for informal touch points.

What is the point? If you have ever been in sales, the point is obvious. It has been determined that it takes seven or more "touch points" to build up mind share or a degree of familiarity. Out of sight/out of mind is another way to put it. By reinforcing your continuing long-term interest in the dropout as a friend, they will begin to know and perceive your love.

And we all know that "love never fails" (1 Cor. 13:8).

Action Tip

Consider the two or three dropout believers whom the Lord has shown you to engage with. Seek an opportunity to visit together at a natural time. Sometimes we just have game nights. For more depth on this topic, read Hunters of the Harvest, chapter 10.

Louis Posthauer is the executive director of Hunters of the Harvest Ministry. He has been actively involved in the local church for more than 37 years and currently serves as a lay leader and teacher at Living Word Church of the Nazarene in Houston. For more information, visit

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