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Did you know that your personal prosperity is God's idea for your life? According to the book of Psalms, God takes pleasure in the prosperity of His people (Ps. 35:27). God doesn't want you to just prosper spiritually; he wants you to prosper relationally, physically and financially. We as followers of Christ have the loving God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength Scripture down. But debt and lack have gripped so many of us to the point that we can't live a life of complete freedom. Friends, this should not be.

For the past month, I have been on a credit and financial journey. To be honest, it seemed odd how my attention had taken such a shift, but I was being drawn to fix negative items on my credit reports. Hours in a day, I would sit at my computer and acquire the knowledge on being a good steward over my credit and finances.

One day I decided to test one of the laws of the Fair Credit Reporting Acting that I had recently learned. In a nutshell, the law states that consumers have the right to challenge any debt being reported on their credit profiles by way of a debt validation letter. And if the collection agency cannot provide valid proof of your responsibility for the debt, it must be deleted. So I sent this debt collector agency my letter and literally 10 days later, I received an update from my credit monitoring system informing me that the $6,000 collection account had been deleted from my credit profile.

Statistics report that one out of three people in the United States have a collection account on their credit profile. This type of negative account can cause severe damage to your credit score, which is basically your financial report card that lenders, insurance agencies and even utilities companies use to analyze the risk of doing business with a consumer.

Friends, the Lord has challenged me to make it my life's task to help His people with the credit and financial concerns that they face on a daily basis. We will never be effective in the earth if we don't tend to the areas in our lives that give us the freedom to be effective on behalf of the kingdom of God.

To get you started on your journey to financial freedom, I would like to offer you a free copy of the debt validation letter. You can download your copy today at bit.ly/2H40GxJ. Please be advised that the results will vary, as each consumers credit situation is unique. If you should have questions along the way, please feel free to e-mail me at mycredit.ed@gmail.com. Let's fix the credit thing one step at a time so we can live our best life now.

On earth as it is in heaven will no longer be our prayer; it will be our reality!

Deon Howard is extremely passionate about the plans and purposes of God and is dedicated to being an example of faith in action. For more information or questions, please e-mail Deon at bdhoward5@gmail.com.

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