Doug Stringer: A Priceless Heirloom and Generational Legacy

Doug Stringer (Charisma News archives)

Doug Stringer is a man who will always direct you to truth. Many of his statements cause me to process what I just heard and how it applies to situations in my life.

He is constantly reminding us to filter what we hear and believe through the word of God. One of my favorite sayings is "Perception isn't always the truth, but it is to the one that perceives it."

Turn on the news, or listen to conversations you may have with a few people. Take into consideration the facts that you know and you will find the statement too often to be true.

With over four decades in ministry, Doug has experienced and witnessed miracles and breakthroughs. He has survived guns in his face, has been punched and harassed and so much more. I can sit and listen to stories, sometimes the same ones over time and not get tired—especially when there is another person present who lived the experience with him or was a witness to it. They often bring more color and life to the story with their perspectives.

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To this day, I still get tears in my eyes when he shares some of the testimonies of people who were living on the streets in hopeless situations. They accepted the kindness of a stranger who was doing no more than demonstrating the love of Christ, and eventually found healing. Many experienced 180-degree turn; their lives were completely transformed, and relationships that seemed destroyed were restored.

Second Corinthians 5:17 says "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new."

I know of girls who were involved in prostitution and who today are healthy, educated, working women and mothers who in every sense were made new, and are making a difference in society and the kingdom of God.

It was Dec. 1996, and Doug felt led to host a corporate time of fasting, prayer and worship in Houston for 40 days. It was known as Houston's Prayer Mountain. He rented out an amphitheater on the only spot in Houston where there was a small hill where you can sit on the lawn and enjoy concerts.

For those that are unfamiliar with the Houston landscape, the city is relatively flat and is barely above sea level. For 40 days, people gathered for services that lasted five to six hours. Pastors and believers alike were being touched and there were subsequent moves of God that touched many in the greater Houston area that then reached nations all over the globe.

I have been fortunate to travel with Doug to six continents and over 34 nations, and have met people from all over that have shared how significant that prayer gathering was for them personally, or for someone they knew. I have seen the tears of joy in their eyes, or laughter when they reminisce of that pivotal moment in their lives that was transformational in whom they are today.

It was at that prayer meeting that Doug sowed seed that would reap an unimaginable harvest during our season of contending with cancer, one that only God could have brought forth and made plentiful. There is no way this story could have been written any better than the way the Lord allowed the miracle to take place and be known. It is truly a testimony to the goodness and grace of God, who is omniscient and omnipotent.

Let me fast forward to Sept. 2015. when Doug and I were in Dallas for a fundraising banquet for United Cry/DC16. He served on the steering committee and was honored to be one of the speakers who shared that evening. I was blessed as usual to hear Doug and the others minister and encourage us.

But this evening and this message was extra special. My warrior was soaring on wings like eagles and God was having His way in Doug's life and ministry. We were determined that the Lord would get all the glory due His name.

As Doug was closing out his segment with his shiny bald head and noticeably full of energy, he told a little of his journey and the greatest of news—the recent results of the latest PET scan. The audience applauded with joy, but it wasn't about Doug. It was about God's faithfulness, and about all of us as intercessors being unshaken in our faith and trust in God.

March CM CoverJack Hayford has said that, "Faith must have a resting place. When deep sufferings threaten the foundations of faith, we must be firmly rooted in His truths." Faith had a resting place in Doug's heart and it was evident. The testimony would encourage those in attendance to not lose hope, remain steadfast in the Word, and be people of prayer that was accompanied with faith that moved mountains.

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This article was excerpted from Lisa Stringer's book, "God Did Not Do This To Me." Lisa is the wife of Doug Stringer, the founder of Somebody Cares International.

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