What Does Restoration Look Like?

Elated-pastorFor some time now, the ministry of Heal Your Servant has worked with ministers, their wives, elders, congregants and participants in a myriad of infidelity situations.

We have seen and heard multiple stories. Finding your way through spiritual landmines is seldom easy. We all desire to see God glorified in the midst of life’s most challenging situations.

I am continually asked, “What is the ideal way to navigate these situations in order to minimize casualties and bring about true healing and restoration?"

I am pleased to share a testimony of a particular situation which I feel was handled perfectly.

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Recently I received a call from a minister who had been in an adulterous situation. He knew he was wrong. Like most, he was afraid and confused and just wanted the truth out. I met with him. I then presented the opportunity to meet with him and his wife. She was crushed. We were able to get her stabilized enough to where she could see things in perspective. She determined that she loved her husband and would do her best to forgive him.

At this point we prayed and laid out a plan for this minister, his wife and his church.

I met with the most influential elders in the church. They took it remarkably well. We went to the leadership and then the congregation. For the most part, everyone handled it well. It was a congregation of over 500 people, and they only lost two families.

The minister felt that he should resign and bring healing to his family. We placed him with one of our professional counselors who has helped him and his wife to see how the enemy was able to entrap him.

They had a few retired ministers in the congregation who were willing to temporarily take the reins until a suitable replacement was found. This particular minister and his family stayed at the church and became a part of this congregation, and the church took care of him financially throughout his restoration.

Sometime later, the elders asked him if he would be willing to be placed back into his previous role. He was so thrilled with this newfound freedom that he was free to really seek God. He did not feel as if that was what God wanted him to do. The next day, he was offered a position with a ministry in a non-preaching role. He told me that it was always what he had dreamed of doing. The church found a new minister, and they have truly seen God’s hand at work. He desires to be glorified through situations where the enemy typically loves to destroy people and congregations.

After it was all over, I interviewed several individuals in various roles in the church. I asked them why this turned out so wonderfully. Their response was consistent: “Pastor always taught us to love and forgive people, no matter what they had done.”

I hope that this serves as a model to those who have only seen the negative side of these scenarios. If you ever find yourself in this type of situation, please understand that there is a ministry specifically designed to help you to navigate through these rough seas. Visit us at www.healyourservant.com.

David Vigil is CEO and founder of healyourservant.com. His life focus is to serve those who have been called of God and see to it that they are free to be exactly what they have been designed to be. His ministry is based out of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas. Under the tender of Randy Frazee and Max Lucado, he serves to restore ministers across the globe.

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