The Wealth Codes Coach: Teaching God's Way of Doing Business

Rob Saunders (Ralph Ramirez)

As a fourth-generation investment banker, Rob Saunders was born into a life of exceptional opportunities. Considering his family connections in Memphis, Tennessee, where he grew up and gained his Southern drawl, Saunders could've entered law just as easily as finance.

"My mother's father was the chief federal judge, and my father's father was a leading investment banker in the city," Saunders says. "I grew up in the heart of business and law."

Observing "the best and the brightest," he opted for finance and learned from his family about business, largely "through osmosis." He says, "I saw my father and my six uncles succeed. There was no doubt in their mind, and I realized the power of that. They weren't just doing something hoping to do well. They were planning on doing well—and, therefore, I copied them."

As a firstborn son, Saunders was taught to never take his privilege for granted. From an early age, he learned the value of hard work: His father made him cut the grass, deliver newspapers and sell Christmas tree decorations from door to door.

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His spirit of adventure came alive at 6 years old, when his grandmother, who lived next to the world's largest free zoo, began sending him with a sack lunch every Saturday, solo, on a zoo "safari." That explains why he has traveled to—sometimes at great risk—and enjoyed people in 97 countries.

Saunders' wonderful divine adventure began at 15 years old, when he met the Lord at Young Life Camp Frontier Ranch in Colorado. That day, he wrote to his parents: "You don't know how thankful I am for Jesus."

Saunders grew in his knowledge of finance when he went to the University of Colorado School of Business. There he found favor with his professors, and during his senior year, he invested and traded stocks for some of them.

After serving as a captain in the U.S. Air Force Military Airlift Command, including a temporary duty assignment to Saigon during the Vietnam War, Saunders joined his family's investment banking business. Unfortunately, like many other Christians he admired, he wasn't clear about God's ways in the business world.

"Today I know the laws of that world, and I know the laws of God, and so often they conflict," he says. "I've wasted at least one decade that I didn't need to waste because I did it the world's way instead of God's—even as a Christian."

Saunders had achieved significant success and gained prominence in his 20s and 30s. Often sitting around a table with interested parties in an oil, gas or media publishing deal, he learned to understand what each party needed before they were willing to shake hands. That's when he practiced applying a "wealth code" that his father taught him: "In a good deal, everybody profits."

There was another business principle that Saunders often operated by—which was not a godly wealth code—"He who has the gold makes the rules." That principle fueled his desire for more.

"That rule made me hurry—I believed that every young investor must make haste—so I often used my jet helicopter to fly to work or to the airport," he says. "They'd pick me up on the rooftop and take me there."

Win the contract, make the deal—that was Saunders' main goal in life. He charmed and impressed others with his abilities and ambitions. It wasn't all wrong, but his focus was. What Saunders calls "the deceitfulness of riches," "financial hostages" and "the golden hamster wheel" often conflicted with his Christian testimony.

Marketplace Mission

In June 1990, Saunders took his family to live and minister in the Soviet Union. They found themselves in the middle of the coup when the hard-line communists arrested Mikhail Gorbachev in 1991. During that time, Saunders used his Christian business skills and God's favor to accommodate his family in a luxury hotel and use a Soviet type of Greyhound bus complete with fuel and driver—all for only $10 a day—paid in Russian rubles.

"The banks trusted me more than they did each other," he says. "So my currency trading paid off. By divine supply, I made more than enough money to pay for the whole trip and to bless others, including orphans, college students, high schools, Lenin's Young Pioneer camps, churches, leaders and hospitals."

At the Chernobyl hospital, Saunders and his family witnessed to "500 dying patients," he says, many navigating through the halls with their IVs on poles. In their auditorium, he gave an altar call, and all the patients came forward to pray for their salvation and healing. It took four hours to pray over them.

The pastors in the USSR also asked him to minister to and with them. "We've learned one thing about you," they told him. "You're not a 'white crow.' We wouldn't ask for your help if you were."

During this time, Saunders really began to mentor others. Investing in people became his first priority. "I think my success in life today is because I respect, appreciate and even admire the differences of others," he says. "Now that is the beginning of real maturity. That changes everything. And that's why I have so many friends around the world."

New Concepts—New Results

Saunders faced his biggest challenge when his beloved wife, Cathy Jean, died in his arms in 1998. He describes her as "the most feminine, charming, hospitable, gracious, inclusive leader I've ever met" and as "the whole package."

In 1999, Saunders moved to Innsbruck, Austria, where he lived and ministered alongside his good friends Dr. Richard Kogelnig, Maria Prean and Ron Lewis.

During this time and in the following years, God began to reveal His purpose and ways to Saunders. His dear friend Freda Lindsay, co-founder of Christ For The Nations Institute (CFNI), often prayed Jeremiah 33:3 (NASB) over him, "Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know." (Saunders is still on the board of advisers at CFNI.)

God answered this request—a new paradigm shift (or, as he calls it, "a new change of concepts") began to take place in his life.

Saunders says, "I had made every mistake you could make in the late '70s. I was overwhelmed. I was pressed. I thought it was all going to blow up. Then God spoke to me clearly. He said, 'I've seen your ways, but I'm going to heal you. I am going to restore comfort to you. It's going to create praise'" (see Isa. 57:18).

Saunders learned not to stress by realizing that life is more than a journey; he discovered "the divine romance and dance lessons," he says.

Then he began the discovery of the Divine Wealth Codes. "God challenged me to learn what His Wealth Codes were," Saunders says. "In other words, what does God think about making wealth? What are His codes? I learned instantly they're hidden in plain sight. It's not like I was some guru who went and discovered all this. They're there, but the Lord specifically called me to point them out."

One of the first Wealth Codes Saunders saw in the Bible—and started applying—was the Divine Blessing. "It is the blessing of the Lord that makes rich, and (the proof is:) He adds no sorrow, harsh toil or pain to it" (see Prov. 10:22).

Since then, Saunders has experienced that with God's blessing, his net worth multiplied peacefully—without sacrificing his health, family and reputation.

He also learned the power of another Divine Wealth Code—Wisdom. He says, "When God appeared to Solomon and offered to give him anything he could ask for, Solomon asked for wisdom. God was so pleased with Solomon's request that He said, 'Because you did not ask for riches, wealth or honor ... but for wisdom and knowledge that you may rule My people ... wisdom and knowledge have been granted to you. I will also add to you riches, wealth and honor, such as none of the kings before you has possessed'" (see 2 Chron. 1:7-12).

Later, Solomon wrote about wisdom from his experience: "For her profit is better than the profit of silver. And her gain is better than fine gold ... long life is in Her right hand; in Her left hand are riches and honor" (Prov. 3:14-16, NASB).

Saunders adds, "Everybody's fighting, striving on the golden hamster wheel, running themselves crazy, and yet wisdom in her right hand is offering you health and long life, and in her left hand, riches and honor. Why not just receive them and work with His wisdom under His blessing?"

He has discovered that riches and honor are repeatedly used together in the Bible. "Riches and honor must go hand in hand. Having riches without honor makes you another bully," Saunders says.

There are many other Divine Wealth Codes that God has specifically shown him. He explains them in his video courses. Because the Divine Wealth Codes have become such a major theme in Saunders' life, he was nicknamed the "Wealth Codes Coach."

Saunders learned that Divine Wealth Codes are not first about money, but about trusting the thoughts, ways, wisdom and blessings of God for your life—even in the trials and tribulations you will face (John 16:33).

Is God Generous?

Saunders is sure that the way people see God (their concept and opinion of God) influences their daily life. In fact, one of his favorite questions to ask is: "Do you believe God is generous?" It's a question that often gets people to change their understanding of God's character.

"How can you be good and not be generous?" Saunders asks. "Do you think God created you to torture you, or did He create you to do for you beyond all that you can ask, think and imagine? I promise you that God is able and willing to do for you more exceedingly abundantly beyond your dreams" (see Eph. 3:20).

Saunders believes that what stops people from experiencing God's goodness and generosity are their negative concepts—their unrenewed minds (Rom. 12:2). "Your concepts are powerful," he says, "They govern your behavior and determine your destiny. Change your concepts—change your results and relationships—change your destiny."

The adventure of walking with the Lord wakes Saunders up every morning to "expect, explore and experience" the Divine Blessing God has for him that day. He says all we gain in this life, including our troubles and tribulations, is "for our good, and yet, it's all for His glory."

Clear Direction

In January 2010, Saunders was with Jonathan Shibley speaking to Global Advance marketplace leaders in Mumbai, India. His topic was, "Have You Become a Financial Hostage?"

After the meeting, a haute couture fashion designer came up to him and intensely said, "I just realized I am a financial hostage. I have no biblical basis for anything I am doing. I did not know that the Lord specifically cared about my business. Help me out of this destructive trap—doing things my way. You must stay longer or come back soon!"

Right then, Saunders' assignment from the Lord became clear—he realized he needed to leave a legacy by writing books and recording video courses that would save thousands of believers around the world "a decade of wasted life," he says.

Today Saunders gets his message out at conferences and Mastermind meetings, and also through social media, blogs, podcasts, books and online courses, such as The Divine Wealth Codes, The Mystery of Abundance and Concepts Govern Behavior, available at

God's Mouthpiece

Through the years, many prophetic voices have spoken over Saunders. In April 2015 in Naples, Italy, while ministering with Youth With a Mission founder Loren Cunningham, Saunders received this prophecy: "God says, 'STOP!' and take off your shoes, because in front of you, there's a holy place, then a wide road—golden, shiny and sparkling."

After the prophecy was declared, Cunningham told Saunders, "That was a true prophecy, and there is only one thing that can screw it up—that's you!"

In July 2019, during a service at Church In The Son in Orlando, Florida, Tamryn Klintworth, an effective crusade evangelist from South Africa, prophesied over him: "You are positioned where you are to be His mouthpiece."

Jonathan Shibley, president of Global Advance, has traveled around the world with Saunders and cites his "unique ability to connect people with deep, life-changing truths."

Golan Lindsay, vice president of Christ for the Nations, praises Saunders' kingdom focus, observing that he "dispels false teachings about poverty and riches."

Saunders is considered a father in the faith who is apostolic. Many pastors and leaders from the U.S. and Europe look to him for mentorship and advice.

Saunders has seen the Divine Wealth Codes at work in every nation. As he often does, he recently took a 50-day trip to teach and train in nine countries, from Italy to India, Sri Lanka to Germany.

His first stop was London, where he spoke plainly to students at the London School of Supernatural Ministry.

"I said to them there, 'Listen, God providing money is just as big a miracle as a leg growing. Y'all are in here getting everybody's legs to grow, yet know that God 'grows' financial blessings, because every one of you is going to have to raise support.'"

Mr. Love & Laughter

In Italy, Saunders was nicknamed "Mr. Love & Laughter." He enjoys encouraging and ministering to people everywhere—from the gas stations of Dallas to the hotel lobby in Pune, India.

His three daughters—Mary Clayton, Jeannie and Rebecca— and grandchildren also keep him occupied as they all live within 3 miles of his Dallas condominium on Turtle Creek Boulevard. Saunders' family still travels with him today. His daughters teach the Bible and assist him with his content and videos. His oldest daughter, Mary Clayton Crow, sometimes appears in his videos and conferences. His sons-in-love, Russell Crow and John Neumann, Esq., are successful deal-makers, who, like Saunders, make it possible for their families to serve the Lord.

Since family is so important to him, he attends All Saints Dallas with one of his daughters who wanted his opinion about a charismatic Anglican church he grew to admire.

"Bishop Jones and Pastor Larlee are intellectual people as well as charismatic, and they're alive for the gospel, spiritual healing and community," Saunders says of the church's leaders. "I visit and speak in many denominations. What I want is reality. The Bible says those who worship God must worship in Spirit and truth. Another way to translate that is 'Spirit and reality.' I don't care what type of church it is. The whole issue for me is Spirit, truth and reality."

In conclusion, Saunders says, "If your love and laughter are fading, if you have lost a new spring in your step and a happy gleam in your eye, then each wasted year of your life will just repeat itself—the golden hamster wheel deceives so many.

"My passion is for you to discover the many ways God is generous to you. It is your time to enjoy His goodness, abundance, love and laughter—and generously share them with others."

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