Woman of God, are you inflamed with the passion for the gospel and for Christ?

Are You a Sarah?

It is time for the women who have been waiting for prayers to be answered to be inflamed with the passion of faith. read more

Karen Evans: An Open Letter to Pastors' Wives

Being the wife of a pastor for 40 years has had its share of challenges that thankfully we learned to navigate, especially early in our marriage.

We were 28 years young with two small children when Jimmy accepted the call to lead Trinity, which made for several very difficult years for our marriage and family. I know our struggles are not unique to ministry couples—far from it. So when Jimmy asked me to write for the July-August issue of Ministry Today, I knew I wanted to share some of my own experiences and story in an honest letter to pastors’ wives. (If you’re a pastor reading this, you’ll likely gain some real insight into your wife’s journey.) read more

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