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Here’s Some Hard Truths About Church Culture

Is your church far too monocultural? (Lightstock)

There is a lot of talk among pastors and leaders about the need for churches to be multiethnic and multicultural. But why is it not often accomplished?


13 Modern Challenges to Awakening and Revival

Bishop Joseph Mattera
Bishop Joseph Mattera

While revival is happening on other continents, Believers are still waiting for it to happen in America. Have we become our own worst enemy?


Joe McKeever: All I Want for Christmas

Joe McKeever
Joe McKeever

What do you think Jesus wants for Christmas? Would you believe it’s just you?


Does the Gospel Come With Strings Attached?

Money and cross
Has the gospel become merely a business transaction for some? (Stock Free Images)

Does how you’re sharing the gospel resemble a business transaction?


Joe McKeever: The Church Membership in the Last Days

Pastor Joe McKeever
Pastor Joe McKeever (Facebook)

In these End Times, we must be prepared to deal with the presence of ungodly people in the mix at church. Pastor Joe McKeever explores what else the church will be forced to deal with.


How Long Could You Stay in Ministry Without God?

Geoff-SurrattI wonder how long I could be successful in ministry without God? I’ve been in vocational ministry for 31 years, and I seldom encounter a situation I haven’t seen before. I have a stockpile of sermons to pull from and many other places where I can grab a complete sermon with a moment's notice.

I do strategy, staffing and structure in my sleep. My experience, connections and the Internet give me all the tools I need to do ministry and do it at a very high level. God is good but often not all that necessary.


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