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An Attractive Alternative: Magnetic Youth Ministry

Saddleback Youth
Saddleback Church's youth ministry promises to be magnetic instead of attractional. (Facebook)

While many churches choose to go with an attractional ministry to bring youth into the fold, there is a better way to go about it.


End Times: The Spiritual Restoration of Israel

Messianic Church
(Wikimedia Commons)

Has God bestowed upon us, the end-times church, the honor of helping Israel to awaken spiritually?


4 Things Young Leaders Need (and Want) to Know

Are you empowering your young leaders?
Are you empowering your young leaders? (iStock photo)

It's important to empower young leaders now. Are you inspiring your young leaders to dream big?


Why We Should Care About Israel Today

Israel flag and Bible
(iStock photo)

Dr. Michael Brown explores the question of what connection the modern State of Israel shares with ancient biblical prophecy.


10 Words of Advice From a First-Time Guest

How do your first-time guests perceive your church?
How do your first-time guests perceive your church? (Lightstock)

For someone who has visited a lot of churches lately, it seems logical that churches would follow these 10 simple suggestions.


Passing the Torch of Truth About Israel

Torch truth
The truth of Israel is like a torch being passed down from generation to generation. (iStock photo)

Wayne Hilsden has been preaching the gospel in Israel for over 30 years. He and others are meeting the challenge to prompt new generations in the Holy Land to listen.


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