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8 Trends of Church Members on Social Media

Church social media
What social media trends do you notice from the members of your congregation? (iStock photo)

Have you noticed how the members of your church are using social media? Are they doing good or are they doing harm to your church and the Christian community?


3 Very Fatal Youth Ministry Phrases

Blame game
These three phrases are common but not advisable to utter. (iStock photo)

If you continue to say these things or have said them in the past, you probably should stop.


6 Ways to Earn the Right to Lead People

Rick Warren church
Would your congregation say that you've earned the right to lead people? (Facebook)

God's favor is never earned, but it's different with people. Here's how you can establish credibility with them and capture their attention.


9 Trends in Pastoral and Church Staff Compensation

Many factors go into the the various levels of compensation for pastors and church staff. (iStock photo)

Some of these factors in how much pastors and church staff might come as a surprise to many.


Why It's Crucial to Reach Young Parents for Christ

Young parents
What are you doing to reach your students' entire families? (Lightstock)

While you may be reaching the children in your ministry, what are you doing to influence their parents?


5 Often-Neglected Sunday Routines For Worship Leaders

Worship leader
Are you missing these routine, but crucial moments when preparing for worship? (Lightstock)

Are these some things you often overlook when you're preparing for worship service on Sunday?


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