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Here’s the Most Important Quality for Any Pastor to Have

Pastoring sheep
Pastor, do you smell like your sheep? Pastor Justin Lathrop explains. (Wikimedia Commons)

It's not to be a dynamic speaker or an innovate influencer. The answer to the question may seem odd, but think about it.


‘And a Little Child Shall Lead Them’

Children leaders
Give the kids at your church a chance to serve. They just may surprise you. (Relevant Children's Ministry)

Guess who does many good things for your church you may not know about? The answer may surprise you.


5 of the Biggest Mistakes Youth Leaders Make With Outreach

Youth outreach
Are you, as a youth leader, getting the real point of outreach? (Lightstock)

Some youth leaders may be mishandling their outreach to teens. Here are some common missteps some make.


Pastor, How’s Your Personal Stewardship?

Pastor, how does your personal stewardship look? (Lightstock)

With all of your sermons on tithing and giving, are you practicing what you preach?


8 Trends of Church Members on Social Media

Church social media
What social media trends do you notice from the members of your congregation? (iStock photo)

Have you noticed how the members of your church are using social media? Are they doing good or are they doing harm to your church and the Christian community?


3 Very Fatal Youth Ministry Phrases

Blame game
These three phrases are common but not advisable to utter. (iStock photo)

If you continue to say these things or have said them in the past, you probably should stop.


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