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Authentic Community Begins With Senior Pastors

Small groups
Senior pastor, are you part of a small group?

Small groups are for everyone, including senior pastors. Find out why they should take part in one.


Are You Helping to Realize Dreams?

Light coming in
Are you helping people realize their dreams in Christ? (Lightstock)

How are people in your church and community catching a vision for a new life? Matthew Barnett says it starts with one question.


How to Make Your Online Church Experience Effective

Online streaming
Online streaming for churches is an unperfected art. (© Pdiaz | Dreamstime Stock Photos)

Most churches have yet to master the art of streaming an online service. Here are some great tips.


3 Ideas of How to Support Your Spouse in Ministry

How are you encouraging your spouse in their ministry?
How are you encouraging your spouse in their ministry? (Aldomurrillo/IStock)

Whether it's the husband or the wife—or both—here's some suggestions on how to encourage your mate in doing God's work.


3 Signs the Worship Wars May Be Ending

Are the worship wars in church coming to an end?
Are the worship wars in church coming to an end? (Facebook)

For decades, church members have been fighting, splitting and lamenting the state of music in our worship services. Find out why that trend may be a thing of the past.


4 Things to Remember When Investing in Young Leaders

Ray Chang
Ray Chang (Facebook)

Ray Chang, founder of Ambassador Network, says there are a few things to consider when coaching potential young leaders.


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