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Do You Know Your Community?

Young people
Do you know your community of young people?

If you weren’t born and raised in the town or city where you minister, you may not know much about the state of the area’s youth. Here are a few suggestions to familiarize yourself with them.


20 Ways to Make Kids Laugh at Church

Making kids laugh
How do you make your your laugh? (Facebook)

Do you ever wonder why when we tell kids to sit still and be quiet and they grow up that way when it comes to the church, or they don't come at all?


Youth Ministry: Trending From One Year to the Next

Are you talking with your youth about the latest cultural trends?
Are you talking with your youth about the latest cultural trends? (Facebook)

How do you get students to start serving and affecting their culture in the name of Jesus Christ?


When Planting a Church, Surround Yourself with Strong People

George O. Wood
George O. Wood (Facebook)

Ministry is a team sport. Find out why that’s especially true when starting a new church.


Aaron Crumbey: Stop Doing God’s Job

Youth ministry
Are you allowing God to do His job or are you trying to do it?

Are you caught up in what you can provide for students instead of pointing students in God’s direction?


How to Have an Affair (And Ruin Everything)

Wedding vows

Here is a good way to mess up your marriage and your ministry. Or, you can stay true to God and your wedding vows and reap the tremendous benefits.


Introducting the 2015 Ministry Today Resource Guide

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