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The 2 Questions Ministry Leaders Need to Ask Over and Over

Youth ministry
Are you focusing on the finished product of your youth before they leave your ministry? (Lightstock)

Are you taking notice of the finished product when a student moves on from your youth ministry? What other characteristics are you focusing on with your youth?


4 Things Kids Hate About Your Teaching

Bored teen
Are the teens in your youth group bored some of the time? How do you rectify that? (iStock photo)

How are you doing in these four areas? Were you aware that you might need to tweak a few things?


4 Questions Every Youth Minister Should Ask

Youth ministry

Do you ask these types of questions often, or do you find yourself stuck in a rut?


How to Empower Student Volunteers

Kids' ministry
Just how much do you value your student volunteers? (Lightstock)

How much do you value your student volunteers? What kind of responsibilities do you give them?


Do Your Students Understand When You Talk About Jesus Stuff?

Bored student
Are your students aware of the deeper meaning of their salvation? (Lightstock)

Your students probably already know who Jesus is and what He did. But do they really understand the deeper meaning of their salvation?


5 Ways to Enrich Your Small Group Time

Small group

Many things can be done to make your small group time more engaging. Here are a few.


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