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1 Simple Trick to Add More Hours to Your Day

Time of day
Don't you wish you had more hours in the day to accomplish your tasks? (iStock photo)

Many people struggle while trying to juggle their busy schedules. Here's a tip that may help you save a great deal of time during your day.


10 Ways to Spot an Unlikely Leader

Pastor authority
Sometimes a potential leader is difficult to spot. (iStock photo)

Sometimes leaders emerge from places and in the form of people you never expected. Here’s how to find those diamonds in the rough.


10 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Ministry

Improving ministry
Which of these suggestions speaks loudest to you? (Stock Free Images)

There are many ways to strengthen your ministry on a daily basis. Here are some suggestions you can implement right away.


How to Get the Church on Board With Its Vision

Do you have a 'vision protection team'?
Do you have a 'vision protection team'? (Lightstock)

Does your church have a "vision protection team"? Are they completely sold out on your vision?


Fanning the Flames of Dying Churches

Empty churches
Do you know of a church in need of a miracle? (Lightstock)

Do you know of any churches that are on the brink of extinction and are in need of a miracle? Here’s an inspiring story of one who received one.


6 Leadership Tasks for Easter

redemption (Lightstock)

Are you living out Easter and its truths all year long, or do you celebrate it only once a year?


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