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NICL: ‘The Business Side of Ministry’

Dr. Mark Rutland
Dr. Mark Rutland (Daystar)

Find out how the National Institute of Christian Leadership, under the guidance of Dr. Mark Rutland, has become a solid tool for pastors and ministry leaders.


Disaster in the Making: 20 Pieces of Bad Advice for Young Ministers

Man discipling younger man
What questionable pieces of advice have you been given in the past? (Lightstock)

There are those who believe they are helping when they impart the following to you. But the best advice obviously is to obey the Holy Spirit.


To Be a Great Leader, You Must Be a Reader

Reading and leading
Outside of the Bible, how much do you read? (iStock photo)

Here are four reasons why reading is essential. If you're going to lead, shouldn't you be thinking further in advance than the people who you're leading?


Greg Surratt: Why Multisite Churches Don’t Value Teaching Gifts

Pastor teaching
(Stock Free Images)

Seacoast Church's Greg Surratt explains what his church is doing to debunk the knock on multisite campuses.


Greg Surratt: 5 Things I Read That Can Make Me a Better Leader

Greg Surratt
Greg Surratt (Facebook)

How do you keep up with the latest trends among ministerial leaders?


Be Careful How You Teach

Is your youth group getting what you're teaching?
Is your youth group getting what you're teaching? (Lightstock)

Connecting students to the truth is not intuitive for everyone. Do you know how to strategically pull apart a lesson and get to the heart of the issue?


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