Some Can’t-Miss Books for Family Ministry Leaders

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If you're leading a family, children’s or youth ministry, here are some selections you should be reading.


3 Phases of a 'Paul and Timothy' Relationship

Baton passing
Do you have a 'Paul and Timothy' relationship with anyone? (IStock photo)

Every leader needs mentors and models. Read Rick Warren’s take on how this type of relationship should develop.


The Biggest Hindrance to Your Life and Ministry


Do you have a problem with insecurity? Find out why you might be missing out on some opportunities due to shyness or an introverted personality.


A Model for Restoration

Model restoration
(Istock photo/Bliznetsov)

An exclusive interview with Chris Hodges reveals a healthy model for restoring ministers—in this case, former Louisiana pastor Dino Rizzo.


10 Diseases That Make Churches Unhealthy

Stomach-pain-smallerIn the 1990s, Peter Wagner published The Healthy Church, a book describing several diseases that churches sometimes exhibit. Some of his descriptions are quite helpful (e.g., koinonitis = excessive, inward fellowship), and the list itself challenges readers to come up with their own descriptions.

Here are 10 diseases I see as I consult with unhealthy churches around the country:



Is It Worth the Price, Pastor?

Elated-pastorOnce in a while, a pastor has to make a tough call.

Do you speak out on a controversial issue or not?

Yes, you could come down hard on the latest political correctness issue dividing the country and enraging both halves.

You could address the racial matter driving the liberals crazy and inflaming the conservatives to near-incineration.

You could take a public stand on what your community is experiencing, knowing that many on both sides of the issue are upset with the others.

Some will insist you should take a stand.


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